Recruitment — Your Secret Weapon.

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The salary, the holiday, the perks… they all play their part, but now more than ever your workspace can be the deciding factor in landing that great hire.

The workspace is quickly becoming the new battleground for attracting top talent to your company. It’s now reported that the workspace and working environment can significantly influence a potential employees decision on whether to come onboard or not. This is no real surprise when we learn about the impact the workspace can have on an employees wellbeing, they want a workspace where they can thrive and be at their best.


Workstation with imac

Workspaces are changing - make yours count.

Things aren’t going to change.

As of 2015, millennials make up the largest generation in the workforce, and that number will continue to rise in the immediate years ahead. Millennials are no longer a sub-group of employees on the horizon, they are the people leading teams, redefining company culture, and building businesses for the future.

Millennials may be changing the demographics of the workforce, but one constant remains - hiring continues to be the largest expense for companies. It is estimated the cost of replacing a millennial employee ranges from £20,000 to £25,000 on average.


Cool workspace

Millenials are looking for something different.

Attracting and keeping employees comes down to many factors, but leaders must not overlook the workplace as a key tool in their arsenal. According to a 2015 report from The Millennial Impact, office environment is the fourth-most important factor for millennials when they’re choosing an employer. Moreover, other top-five factors like work culture and having a mission can be directly impacted by the workplace.

What can you do?

Your workspace doesn’t need to be a multi-million-pound full office re-fit to create a great working environment. It’s about adding small statement pieces to create an authentic environment that people want to be in, and that allows them to thrive.


The small touches can transform a workspace.


Here at farlo. we ask the simple question, why isn’t your office as nice as your home? You spend time and money hunting for and deciding on what pieces are going to make your home special - we think this same approach should be taken to your workspace.

farlo. have curated a community of Europe’s best artisans, we’ve seen the impact they can have on people’s home and now we are connecting them with people’s workspaces. Whether it’s new desks or new espresso mugs, the impact is huge, and we want to connect businesses with artisans creating, contemporary, unique pieces to add the killer edge to their workspaces.

It's never been easier to make sure your workspace is the place people want to come and work, ensure your workspace is making your company the destination for the best industry talent.


Ask yourself, why isn’t your office as nice as your home? you’re going to spend 90,000 hours there. farlo. are changing things, join us.

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