We Want To Make Workspaces Better.

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We’re on a mission to make your office better — we find the best contemporary artisan creations perfect for your workspace.

farlo.io know what artisan style can do to homes, now we are bringing Europe’s best artisans to your workspace.

In your life you’re going to spend 90,000 hours at the office — we want to make that space, and those hours, better.

The farlo. Mission.

They say you spend approximately 90,000 hours of your life at work. That’s depressing enough by itself, you don’t need you workspace interior design to make it worse.

That’s why we created farlo. We saw how contemporary artisans were transforming the homeware market, with their unique cutting-edge lifestyle items, and wanted to introduce this community of artisans to your workspace. We asked a simple question, why isn’t your office as nice as your home? The answer, well there really is no reason why it shouldn’t be.

Why isn’t your office as nice as your home?

There’s a new article every week about the 10 coolest offices in London, the slides, the train carriages, the rowing boat meeting rooms. Great, but it’s hugely expensive and perhaps a little gimmicky. For farlo. it’s about adding practical, cool, cutting-edge, contemporary artisan touches to your workspace, that significantly improve your working environment — just like at home.


Put simply, going to work is now about more than work. Your workplace is part of your lifestyle, it’s a space that brings out the best in you. The days of grey drab offices are numbered, people now demand a workspace that enables them to work smarter, enhancing their productivity, collaboration and own mental wellbeing.

Employers know this too. Workspaces are now considered a strategic asset. One that can improve hiring, retention, productivity and new business. Company culture is now listed as one of the most important issues for employees. This is clearly something which can take years to create, but the physical workspace is proven to help drive company culture. Like with any asset, businesses are always looking for an edge to make theirs the best on the street.

Artisan-Office-YourWorkspace-Is-A-destinationYour workspace is a destination.

Why farlo. ?

farlo. has nurtured relationships with hundreds of the best artisan creators from across Europe, and we are now on a mission to introduce them to your workspace.

Artisan items for your workstation.

This isn’t about the £3m office refit. farlo. is about adding truly unique, contemporary artisan creations to your workspace. These artisans are already supplying items to you and your colleague’s homes creating incredible spaces. Now is the time for them to do the same to your workspace.

The opportunity is huge, whether you need new espresso cups for your client space, new desks, or new lamps for your breakout areas. Sure, you can get these on Amazon, or you can connect with the farlo. community of artisans and find something different, cutting edge, something with a story, created by an artisan, for you.

Utility Enamelware Red Espresso Mug

We’ve done the hard work for you, curating a collection of artisan products from across Europe, we’ve chosen the highest quality products, produced in small-batches to ensure individuality. You can browse our collections online and even opt for same day delivery on selected items. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then speak to one of our Consultants who will be able to help source something just right.

Ask yourself, why isn’t your office as nice as your home? you’re going to spend 90,000 hours there. farlo. are changing things, join us.



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